Some self-medicate, but I self-educate.

Lately I’ve been on an education kick because it seems that all my friends are going back to college or taking online courses. I’ve always been very disappointed with my mathematic education and frustrated with my inability to express and solve my few statistical problems using hard math instead of pseudomath that I stumble through.

Until I get the time to actually go out and take a formal course of such a matter, I’ve been visiting the Khan Academy series of YouTube videos to refresh my Algebra that I’ve not touched in almost 20 years. I must say that Sal is quite amazing in both his speaking and teaching ability. He’s quite an inspiration and I’m a bit  jealous of his vocal eloquence especially considering the software and medium he’s using to teach.

I highly recommend and suggest anyone wanting to refresh or learn any of the subjects that he has available for viewing.

We all have our addictions, mine is the thirst for information.