Painted Army Stats (or, “How I learned to love the fact that I’m past the 3000 points painted mark”)

As of now (just as soon as I finished my 7 Wave Serpents) this is what I have painted in Biel-Tan fashion.
Note that no non-mandatory upgrades (for example, I gave the naked Farseer mind war since at least one power is required) other than WYSIWYG upgrades (like shuriken cannons on top and bottom of Wave Serpents and scatter lasers on the War Walkers) were included in the point costs — these are effectively bare bones models (no exarch powers, extraneous wargear or vehicle upgrades).

HQ: 1 / 2% / 75 pts
Elites: 4 / 16% / 530 pts
Troops: 8 / 24% / 806 pts
Fast Attack: 0 / 0% / 0 pts
Heavy: 9 / 24% / 795 pts
Transports: 7 / 23% / 770 pts
Special Chars: 1 / 6% / 210 pts
Phoenix Lords: 1 / 6% / 190 pts

Total Points: 3376
Total Models: 99

The above stats is from my own Web App army calculator which I’ve been fiddling with for a few weeks as Army Builder isn’t for iPad or iPhone or anything other than Windows. I’d like to have options while I was down at Wargamescon to rebuild my army – without taking my MacBook Pro.

Here’s the model list (what is painted, not what will be on the field at one time):

  • 40 Dire Avengers
  • 1 Dire Avenger Exarch with Dire Sword
  • 10 Howling Banshees
  • 1 Howling Banshee Exarch with Executioner
  • 1 Jain Zar
  • 15 Fire Dragons
  • 3 Fire Dragon Exarchs with Fire Pikes
  • 1 Eldrad Ulthran conversion
  • 1 Farseer
  • 3 Fire Prisms (Shuriken Catapults)
  • 7 Wave Serpents (Shuriken Cannons, top & bottom)
  • 6 War Walkers (Scatter Lasers)
  • 8 Eldar Jetbikes (Shuriken Catapults)
  • 4 Eldar Jetbikes (Shuriken Cannons)

Here’s the remaining models for my goal for my “due date for all painting for WargamesCon” iCal deadline on June 14th (1 week before Wargamescon — I would rather have a full week “off” before the event so I can relax 😉 )

  • 3 Fire Prisms
  • 10 Striking Scorpions
  • 1 Striking Scorpion Exarch with Scorpions Claw
  • 1 Striking Scorpion Exarch with Scorpions Bite
  • 1 Karandras
  • 6 objective markers (low priority)

Looking at the “to do” list I might be a day or two late depending on a few factors (I’m already pretty burned out, the 7 Wave Serpents took A LOT out of me)…. June 16th at the latest.

Once WargamesCon is over. I’ll have 2 more Falcon Chassis vehicles left unpainted and/or unassembled: a single Falcon and a “new” Night Spinner/Fire Prism kit (which I think I’ll have plenty of Fire Prisms — I’m not even going to bother making it convertible). I might just knock those two out just to have 15 painted Falcon Chassis models.

Ok here’s the nitty gritty (the pretty pictures):