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Space Wolves Bases

I loved my Eldar Bases so much from I’m considering doing the same for my Space Wolves when I start working on them here in June or July once I’m satisfied that I’m not betraying my “first love” army for my “first ever” army. (This will require me to at least completely paint all my Falcon Grav tank chassis vehicles)

As usual, the Wolves will be in an tundran environment, and luckily enough they have such bases. My current bases are completely arctic, and I originally used table salt as my snow after padding up the bases with green stuff and painting it white!

I’ll have to go around and do a foot count of my initial needs when I make my order.. Looks like tentatively I’ll need 60 -70 small round bases, 10-15 (maybe 20) terminator sized bases, and six dreadnought sized bases.

That’s 7 packages of 25mm bases, 3-4 packages of 40mm bases and 1-2 packages of 60mm bases. If they’re as high quality and as easy to prepare as my Eldar bases were, they’re every bit worth the price (prices on site are AU$ not US$).

Oh the resistance of wolven urge

The more and more I read the latest iteration of my first ever Codex for Warhammer 40,000 the more and more I want to put the Eldar on pause and do some painting on my Space Wolves.

It’s not a super-dynamic codex, but it’s strong and very self-supportive. I’ve had models in the Paint Stripping Vat for several months now, and it’s high time to pull them out and start scrubbing paint and primer from the models.

The question is, do I want to do this before I’m finished with my Eldar goal or should I go ahead and strip the paint and let them dry? On one hand, they’ll be ready when I am. However on the other hand, they’ll be dry and ready for assemblage and painting while I’ve still got Many Tanks to complete before I have 3000 points of Eldar repainted.
The temptation would probably be unbearable…. I might just cheat and paint a few models just to satisfy my craving for painting something other than bright colors.

The good news is that I might be able to justify painting a squad by drumming up interest in playing some local, house-rule Kill Team inspired rules at the our local gaming store Galaxy Comics.

The Wargaming and Personal Blogs have moved!

The new blog is a WordPress blog and is now all integrated with my personal life – to all the advantages and disadvantages thereof. Not that it was never all that hard for any body to figure out who I am, where I live and what I do.  If I wished to remain anonymous, I would have never registered a domain ;).

If you want to link straight from your miniature wargaming sites, I suggest linking to as that’ll be the most interest of your visitors 🙂 However should forward there automatically as soon as the DNS servers around the world “stop, collaborate and listen”. Which should be less than an hour from the publish date of this post.

This’ll be a slightly confusing time, but the change will be worth it as there’s a lot more I can can modify and do with a Word Press blog rather than something hosted at Google.

A special thanks go out to Bell of Lost Souls for changing their Blog Roll feed so quickly as well!

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