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Practice Minis are done!

This post is about 3 days late, but I’ve completed my practice “warm-up” minis and I’m ready to start work on Pinnacle’s excellent 12 Last Parsec minis

The are two minis that are the same. The lady with the broom in Pic #3. One is metal, one is reaper bones. I painted them both as an experiment for reaper bones. I wasn’t disappointed. The cost difference is well worth the slight degradation (and even less apparently once painted) in sharpness.

IMG_1049 IMG_1050 IMG_1051

Miniature Painting after a 2 Year Hiatus

I’ve been too busy working on our new (for us) house (hence the lack of posts too!) and just a couple weeks go I finished my study. What does this mean? I get to start painting minis again! 😀

I’m way out of practice, but these speed paints of some role playing miniatures for my Savage Worlds games are any indication, I’ll be doing well enough when I get around to painting the models I’ll need for Chupacabracon in May. The game will be a custom one-shot of The Last Parsec based (very, as I don’t recall seeing anything other than the trailer) loosely on the movie Deep Rising (1998).

I’ll add more info and post pics of the Last Parsec Minis as I start on them this weekend or early next week.

But for now here’s some work-in-progress pics of my Ral Partha minis:

SW-Mini-SpeedPainting-IMG_1040 SW-Mini-SpeedPainting-IMG_1041 SW-Mini-SpeedPainting-IMG_0357 SW-Mini-SpeedPainting-IMG_0358 SW-Mini-SpeedPainting-IMG_0359 SW-Mini-SpeedPainting-IMG_0360


Spamalot! at Backdoor Theatre in Wichita Falls! June 6-28

I’ve been casted in Backdoor Theatre‘s production of Spamalot! as Robin, the Brave. We’re in our 3rd week of rehearsals and it’s been a blast!

James Beaman as Sir Robin
James Beaman as Sir Robin

There’s a pretty challenging song and dance routine with this character. I’m stoked to rise to the level to perform this song.

I’ll have updates and perhaps backstage rehearsal pics as I have permission and time to post them.  Until then RUN AWAY!



Laptop Hard Drive Crash

Yeowsers. When it goes down, it goes down fast! I knew it was coming a few months ago so I purchased a spare hard drive to archive/install to.

Took about two and a half hours to recover my apps, data and settings and lost only one of my virtual machines (Windows Vista, for IE9 testing) and a few other Apps that I decided to just reinstall from the App Store, but I’m back up and going with all my old settings even without using Time Machine as my backup source.

Well played, Apple. Well played. Now to use Disk Utility to do a partition copy of my Windows Boot Camp to the new hard drive–we’ll see how that goes 😉

My 2012 “Movies to see” list

Ok I’m starting the new year with a non-gaming post. I’ve told my wife many times the last few weeks that our Movie budget is going to be horrendous next year. Here’s a few reasons why:

Jan 20 – Underworld: Awakening

I’ve always loved the Underworld series, although it’s gone a bit downhill the last few, they’ve always been entertaining.

Apr 4- Iron Sky

This won’t be playing at any theatre that’s local, but this is a highly anticipated indie film I’ve been keeping an eye on. The team that’s producing is well known for not taking itself too seriously. It should be a blast!

May 4 – The Avengers

Thor, Iron Man, Captain America and (possibly) Hulk and other crazy super heroes of old? Check!

May 18th – Battleship

The more I see it, the more this looks like a Transformers movie, still looks awesome.

May 25th – Men in Black 3

Men in Black. Highly and geekly entertaining. The third in the series looks like a blast.

Jun 1 – Snow White and the Huntsman

Yay finally a truly darkened tale of Snow White. Disney ain’t got nothin’ on what I’ve seen so far.

Jun 8 – Prometheus

Dark Science Fiction and an Alien prequel? YES PLEASE!

Jun 29 – G.I. Joe: Retaliation

I thought the first one was a bit underrated, albeit cheesy. Here’s to hoping for another fun ride.

Jul 3 – The Amazing Spider-Man

This one is a maybe, how many times can a comic book hero be rebooted?

Jul 20 – The Dark Knight Rises

The final of the Dark Knight series. This is a MUST SEE.

Aug 17 – The Expendables 2

This one is also a maybe, I liked the first one for what it was: a brainless show with all my old favorite action heroes. This one looks like a fun ride too.

Nov 16 – The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II

I’ve read the books, and I’ve watched the films, and although Kristen Stewart’s acting drives me freaking nuts in this series (Please please look at their face, not their chin!!! — and yes I know she’s in Snow White and the Huntsman), I’ll deal with it one last time. Hey maybe now that’s she’s a (sparkly) vampire she’ll not be such a weenie.

Dec 14 – The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

This is the BIGGEST MUST SEE movie for me this year. I will gladly wait in line for it. I just pray that it’s not at Sikes’ movie theatre.

That’s it unless something else pops up this year 🙂

The Anatomy of a Hexagon (and a little math!)

I know this post only has a LITTLE to do with BattleTech, but I’m putting it here because it was a BattleTech project that peaked my interest.

As I’m working on my modular  table, I’m working on the mathematical anatomy of a hexagon. I’ve noticed several things with my 2″ Hexagon grid:

First thing I did is that I drew lines across my Hex Grid at the angles of the hexagons themselves.

When I put the lines down and made sure they were all “pretty close’, I noticed that of my 2″ hexagons, it was 7 hexes from flat to flat. Then I also noticed for the first time, that a Hexagon is actually 6 equilateral triangles. I also measured the side and it was about 8” I knew this was wrong as I wouldn’t think it would be  that easy. So I was ready for some math:

When I split one of the equilateral triangles in half I get a right triangle:

  • The Three Angles are 30, 60 and 90 degrees
  • One of the sides is 7″ (the long edge along the right triangle).

Knowing what I know of geometry I knew since one of the angles was double that of the other angle, then one side would be exactly double (or half) of the other angle.

There were two ways to do this:

Pythagorean theorem: x squared + one half x squared = 7 squared.

Trig: cos 30 deg = 7in divided by the adjacent (0.866025403784439 = 7 /x | 0.123717914826348 = 1/x || x = 8.08290376865476)

I like the trig way better, as it’s easier with a calculator.

So for a 14″ face to face hex each side will be 8.08290376865476 and the radius of an inscribed circle will also be 8.08290376865476

Fun stuff!

So here’s the anatomy of a hexagon:

So a Hex (by definition) is:

  • Six equilateral triangles with their points intersecting at the middle
  • A side of a Hex is 0.577350269189626 that of the face-to face width
  • the point to point length of a hex is 1.154700538379251 that of the face to face width
  • Each hex is angle is 120 degrees

Class is over (for me 😉 )

Ok I have a sinus infection….but I’m not sick.

…. I’m stubborn.

So instead of immediately shelling out $100 to see the doctor and prescrips I’m going to try a popular home remedy.

This is the generic brand of Apple Cider Vinegar at our local “ghetto” food market “King’s” (I’m not afraid of poor people, I AM ONE).

I’ll be taking a tablespoon in my water over the next few days to see how it goes. If I’m not seeing an improvement by Sunday I’ll bite the bullet and see the doctor (this is a US$1.29 cure, by the way).