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Spamalot! at Backdoor Theatre in Wichita Falls! June 6-28

I’ve been casted in Backdoor Theatre‘s production of Spamalot! as Robin, the Brave. We’re in our 3rd week of rehearsals and it’s been a blast!

James Beaman as Sir Robin
James Beaman as Sir Robin

There’s a pretty challenging song and dance routine with this character. I’m stoked to rise to the level to perform this song.

I’ll have updates and perhaps backstage rehearsal pics as I have permission and time to post them.  Until then RUN AWAY!



Therion – Sitra Ahra

I finally got my copy of Sitra Ahra in….I must say…. AWESOME album, but nothing super-extraordinary compared to their older work. “More of the same”, although I’ll admit there’s much more complicated choral work than previous albums (and this is saying A LOT).

The more I listen to it, the more it grows on me.

Don’t just take my word for it:

Lords of Metal E-Zine

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Stu’s Review

The Re-envisioning of “You’re not the Only One”

I’ve set out to rerecord/re-envision my favorite of my released songs: You’re not the Only One (recorded in 1999).

The recording will start next week. Right now I’m letting my fingers learn the riffs on my guitar (it was originally composed on my Roland JX-305).

I’m really, really working to keep the track count to a minimum so it may sound much more simple compared to the 1999 original.

If any musicians want to join me in this project I’d be very happy to have you as there’s already a model for the vision.

Feel free to listen to the original.

I have no set date to when I’ll be done with it (such is Music!), but I’ll keep you posted.

Here are the Lyrics:

(Sample: “Listen to them… children of the night… what music they make”, Bela Lugosi, Dracula (1931))

Are thirsting for attention?

Are searching for dissension?

Are you seeding your temptations?

Are you meeting your expectations?


Of all the pain you feel inside

You’ve gotta know you’re not the only one

of all the shame you conceal inside

You’ve gotta know you’re not the only one

Are you teeming with frustration?

Are you feeling your sensation?

Are you wishing death’s vacation?

Are you seeking termination?


Of all the pain you feel inside

You’ve gotta know you’re not the only one

of all the shame you conceal inside

You’ve gotta know you’re not the only one


You don’t know anything about this life!

How can there be happiness with so much strife?

Be wary of the shadow and don’t stray too far.

My creature of light… that’s who you are!


Of all the pain you feel inside

You’ve gotta know you’re not the only one

of all the shame you conceal inside

You’ve gotta know you’re not the only one

(bridge 2)

You’re not the only one!

You’re not the only one!

You’re not the only one!

You’re not the only one!

Just like the only one……


Of all the pain you feel inside

You’ve gotta know you’re not the only one

of all the shame you conceal inside

You’ve gotta know you’re not the only one

I’ve been casted in a Fiddler on the Roof Role!

I will be playing the part of Mendel, the Rabbi’s son in Fiddler on the Roof. It’s a non-principal, but important role from what little I’ve read.

Hey at least my character has a name–and a few speaking parts! 🙂

A few lines from WikiQuote:

Tevye: As the good book says, when a poor man eats a chicken, one of them is sick.
Mendel: Where does the book say that?
Tevye: Well, it doesn’t say that exactly, but somewhere there is something about a chicken. Good Sabbath!

Tevye: As Abraham said, “I am a stranger in a strange land…”
Mendel: Moses said that.
Tevye: Ah. Well, as King David said, “I am slow of speech, and slow of tongue.”
Mendel: That was also Moses.
Tevye: For a man who was slow of tongue, he talked a lot.

Auditions for Fiddler on the Roof

Well, tonight almost the whole family (myself, my wife, my step daughter, my father and my mother) went and auditioned for parts for at the Wichita Theatre, a local community theater’s, production of Fiddler on the Roof.

I know I had my mistakes during the audition, but I had fairly high praises from everyone…got a pretty good thumbs up from one of the deciding factors of casting too.

I’m actually fairly anxious as this will be my first solo singing/speaking role in over 15 years.

Some thoughts on Adobe Story

Adobe Story is a (currently free) Software as a Service using Adobe Air.

I started conversion of the 8 minutes of script that I had in Google Docs to the more refined format of Adobe Story that Premiere and After Effects will be (well, is advertised to be ) able to use natively when CS5 comes out (which I plan to get ASAP).

The process took very little time. I’ve used script writing software in the past so I was familiar with the standards tab, enter, etc for shorthand scene and character headers… it worked very fluently in comparison to the others (CeltX & Sophocles* are the two I’ve used).

There are some collaboration features that I wish that I could have tested it out, plus there’s an Offline Mode for writing on-the-go which appears to sync back to the server once you’re online again (assuming you install the Air portion of the software).

Overall I’m impressed. It was a bit sluggish at the time because it was running on a Flash platform (mainly when waiting for the Character/Scene popups for auto-complete and very much so on initial loading of a script), but overall I’d recommend it to anyone who’ll be using Adobe for any part of their production.

*Sophocles’ website seems to have changed hands since last I’ve looked. This is  unfortunate as it was pretty good software and the developer was awesome.

A quick 15 minute test in Apple’s Garage Band

Like yesterday’s very rough, but has a 5th track layer (Horns, Bass, Drums, Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar)–totally different style.

Each track is a single take and no post processing other than just adjusting the volume levels for each track.

The drums and bass are loops from GarageBand (I won’t take credit for the quality of those, and to be honest it’s what makes the clip even remotely pleasurable to listen to).

A quick 10 minute test

Yes, it’s rough it’s and simple and even uncut but at least it’s quick.
This little test was created in about 10 minutes. 4 tracks (1 GuitarRig track, 1 drum, 1 bass, 1 Orchestral) 37 seconds…. this is what I was testing the new Windows 7 (32bit) installation with SONAR 8.3 on my Mac Mini.

Windows 7 32 bit, Mac Mini, SONAR, and Conspiracy Theories

Well early last night I set up boot camp for 32bit Windows 7 (since it’s only a 4 gig box) on my mid 2009 upgraded Mac Mini. Partitioned out the Windows 7/OS X partitions equally and installed Cakewalk SONAR 8.3 (as I’ve not upgraded to 8.5 yet).

Not a single hitch, after 2 hours of installing 7, Boot Camp Drivers and the DAW software (which was by far the most lengthy part as it’s a 4 DVD install) then immediately switching to ASIO drivers (and installing the ASIO drivers for my M-Audio Keystation 49i) I was in business.

I’ll make my claim: Windows 7 is the best version of Windows released thus far. Sure it has its issues (as every complex software does), but it’s a smooth install and works very quickly and efficiently to run your software.

I spent about 10 minutes recording a quick little diddy to test out the performance and I’ve got a good, stable machine without being tied down to Apple hardware. Which finally introduces the following ranty thought (as I do like Mac hardware and software):

Apple really needs more customization and latest generation hardware in their consumer lines they just released the new iMac with a puny 4000 series ATI video card when the 5000 series has been out for long enough for them to have a beta version of the chip to test and eventually produce. The 4000 series can marginally drive 3D games at the resolution of the new 27″ iMac (a monstrous 2560-by-1440 LED backlit screen).

On the OS side, I’m not crying about having to buy Apple hardware to run MacOS–that’s not the issue. But the latest version of Ubuntu (a free and ‘hard to use’ OS) actually puts MacOS to shame when it comes to finding and adding/installing software. Sure most software is drag-and-drop easy on MacOS, but Ubuntu’s Software Center is two-click install and automatic upgrades and updates from then on inclusive with the system updates. Apple really needs to support an Open Source repository for software or release an Apple Store for Mac (as they have for iPhone) or both as some sort of  integrated solution as Ubuntu has released a very early, rudimentary version with 9.10.

I prefer Linux as its open source software repositories are second to none, but the biggest problem that I’ve always had with Linux is the lack of mid to high level software support from various ISV’s such as Adobe. If Adobe released Photoshop for Linux that was on par with the Mac & Windows version I think there’d be quite a migration to the OS.

Microsoft is scared of Linux and Linux is Microsoft’s #1 threat (not Mac, despite what Apple would like for you to believe), and I suspect there’s some behind the scenes trading and dealing to keep Adobe from deploying on that platform (perhaps from both Apple and Microsoft).