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Spamalot! at Backdoor Theatre in Wichita Falls! June 6-28

I’ve been casted in Backdoor Theatre‘s production of Spamalot! as Robin, the Brave. We’re in our 3rd week of rehearsals and it’s been a blast!

James Beaman as Sir Robin
James Beaman as Sir Robin

There’s a pretty challenging song and dance routine with this character. I’m stoked to rise to the level to perform this song.

I’ll have updates and perhaps backstage rehearsal pics as I have permission and time to post them.  Until then RUN AWAY!



I’ve been casted in a Fiddler on the Roof Role!

I will be playing the part of Mendel, the Rabbi’s son in Fiddler on the Roof. It’s a non-principal, but important role from what little I’ve read.

Hey at least my character has a name–and a few speaking parts! 🙂

A few lines from WikiQuote:

Tevye: As the good book says, when a poor man eats a chicken, one of them is sick.
Mendel: Where does the book say that?
Tevye: Well, it doesn’t say that exactly, but somewhere there is something about a chicken. Good Sabbath!

Tevye: As Abraham said, “I am a stranger in a strange land…”
Mendel: Moses said that.
Tevye: Ah. Well, as King David said, “I am slow of speech, and slow of tongue.”
Mendel: That was also Moses.
Tevye: For a man who was slow of tongue, he talked a lot.

Auditions for Fiddler on the Roof

Well, tonight almost the whole family (myself, my wife, my step daughter, my father and my mother) went and auditioned for parts for at the Wichita Theatre, a local community theater’s, production of Fiddler on the Roof.

I know I had my mistakes during the audition, but I had fairly high praises from everyone…got a pretty good thumbs up from one of the deciding factors of casting too.

I’m actually fairly anxious as this will be my first solo singing/speaking role in over 15 years.