Music Composed and Performed

Old Music

Tracks are in chronological order to the best of my memory

From The Storm Cometh (experimental demo, late 1998)

I found this album again while cleaning out my Garage on July 3, 2011

I’m pretty sure this entire album was composed and recorded in either Acid or Cakewalk Pro Audio with probably more guitar work than any of my other albums so far (the bass for much of the album–especially “Instrumental” was just my guitar pitch-shifted down an octave either in software or an effect pedal ). I don’t honestly remember much about the detail. This was the very end of my non-sober stent and some of the details of those days are blurry.

Yes I realize this album is embarrassingly bad, but I try to embarrass myself at least once a week.

Note: “Bedtime Story” Contains Explicit Lyrics (one $%^ing word)… this is my only song ever to contain such.


2005 – Test of Sony Acid – Loops recorded from JX-305 and assembled in Acid
2005 – Music to Solar Chronicles Teaser Trailer – Quickly assembled ambience
2006 – Ambience test #1 – Originally for soundtrack
2006 – Acoustic-style test – All Cakewalk Dimension Pro instruments

  • All music before 2000 was composed on the venerable Roland JX-305 and recorded with Cakewalk Software (whether it be Pro Audio early or SONAR lately). All vocals were recorded with a cheap SoundBlaster microphone.
  • “You’re not the only one” has a quick bit of electric/analog guitar work.

New Music

Patience is a virtue, and it is coming!


Music I listen to

I could give a boring list of band logos, why I like them, and all that jazz, but I think that my profile defines that much more precisely as my musical moods can and do change rapidly.

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