Sailing in North Texas

June 21, 2021 | Reading time: 1 minutes


In late June 2021 I purchased my first boat: a 1979 Victoria 18 starter boat. It took me just under 2 months to both find the time and get ready for the first sail, but here we go in mid-August!

I am a member of the Wichita Falls Sailing Club as of August 2021 and plan participate in the races to help improve my skills.

Sailing VLog - A Nautical Novice’s Adventures in Sailing

I’ve partially published my work on the boat (I’ve not been good about recording in August due to time constraints, and the heat is unbearable for both working and recording), but here are my list of episodes on both YouTube and Odysee. Any link should get you set up in the series.

The quality is relatively rough, but I aim to improve this Fall.

The Episodes are the same, but having a choice between YouTube and Odysee (AKA LBRY) is given if you’re not a fan of the Google empire.

On Odysee

On YouTube


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