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March 12, 2020 | Reading time: 1 minutes

Updated on 2020 March 12



I haven’t had time this year to do any editing on my existing novels, but I’m brainstorming where to go with “The Unfallen” or how to rewrite the second half of “Aggregate Storm”. See my writing page for more details.


I’ve got no active music projects, for I’m having a really hard time finding a Linux DAW that has a good native VST instrument pack. Linking up Windows VSTs in Wine has been troublesome. Reaper runs well, but I need good sampled instruments.

I imagine that if I return to a Mac as my workstation (I’m not primarily a Linux user), I’ll be using Logic again, which is my favorite DAW so far.


Currently I’m running a Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars campaign with my local friends. We’ll be nearly a month in at the time of this update.


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