Mild rant concerning retail stores…

March 24, 2008 | Reading time: 1 minutes

Why the heck doesn’t Circuit City and Best Buy keep digital cameras in stock? Don’t they have market researchers who are supposed to anticipate these trends. Both stores lost 160-200 because they didn’t have a camera I needed in my price range in stock. “Oh, we can order it for you” or “Oh, maybe check back tonight.”

The whole purpose of a Brick and Mortar store is convenience. I want to walk out of there now with the product I want. If I’m going to order one, I’ll order it from a cheaper place–I’ll certainly not order it from the place that’s higher, charges tax, and doesn’t have great customer experience/service. It’s not like I could call them and get someone on the phone without having to make 4 calls and waiting 30 minutes just to see if they have it in stock. got my business once again, folks….I’ve not gone wrong with them yet.

Ok, sorry. Rant off 🙂

Edit, Addendum: if it’s on the DISPLAY COUNTER it BETTER WELL be in-stock unless there’s an out-of-stock little sign. Waiting 10 minutes for an employee to help another customer just to tell you that they don’t have said item is also pretty freakin’ annoying.