If I get an old fossil to work……

May 21, 2008 | Reading time: 1 minutes

Does it make me a “Mac Guy”?

I found this relic (a Macintosh Classic) almost 2 years ago when I bought my house (the garage was full of trash, this little treasure was about the only thing that was even remotely worth considering keeping). It was in pitiful condition. It was full of dust, wouldn’t turn on (turned out to be a bad fuse) and looked as if it had something sticky poured on both the box and the keyboard.

It actually–once I cleaned it up–is not as in bad condition as I once feared after some Windex and some air-compressor action.

Once I got it to boot (and it booted right up once it was getting power), I found that it was quite an advanced Mac for its era.

It as a SCSI hard drive (all Macs with hard drives were SCSI back then) with a whopping 36megs being used. I’m assuming it’s a 40 meg drive.

The OS installed is System 6.0.7 used from 1988 to 1990

It’s got a MASSIVE 2 megs of RAM it appears, and seems quite speedy.

I’m not currently a Mac guy, but since I am in music and media (and programming and web design and system administration and God-knows-what-else), the fact that this little box still runs fairly well is a testament to the old Apple. I might get a Mac in the next few months with my frustration with Vista, the drivers thereof and Cakewalk’s Project 5 locking up on me the last few weeks.

Don’t worry about the light/dark bands on the screenshot, as it’s just the refresh rate of the black and white CRT playing tricks with my camera, the screen is as beautiful as it was back in the day.