New Project Dual Processor G4 (Complete)

June 7, 2008 | Reading time: 1 minutes

Very good! The refurb power supply came in this afternoon.

Sorry I was a bit too excited to log the testing and then installation of it, but I do have some pics of the system up and running and various upgrades….

Quick pic of initial install of os…..

Side view….

1.5 Gigs of RAM installed on Logic Board First boot for install of OS (before I even closed the case) I upgraded the old DVD-ROM drive with a modern IDE DVD-RW drive (and it works faster, better and is BLACK) as those old DVD readers could not read DVD-R’s.

I also replaced the old 20 gig drive with a more modern 80 gig IDE drive which should perform MUCH faster.

A quick pic of the installed Poweer Supply..

Here’s a screenshot of the Specs from the OS….I’m quite happy with the results of this fun project, and fairly inexpensive project!

I’m using this to test out Multimedia Apps as I mentioned earlier I’m not exactly happy with the DAW capabilities of Vista. So I’ll have this be my pre-Mac mac to see if the platform will work for me. I’m not using the CRT as I’ve become both accustomed and spoiled to the clarity, brightness and compactness on the desk of LCD’s but it does work and when I put this machine on the display case it’ll be a complete, albeit upgraded system.

Total Cost for repairs $194:
Logic Board (not needed/used… a waste): $40

Power Supply (n/i shipping): $80

Hard Drive Upgrade: $44

DVD-RW Drive Upgrade/Repair: $30