Windows 7 RC

May 13, 2009 | Reading time: 1 minutes

If I could define a single word that defines my experience with this OS so far it would be ‘wow’.

This is the OS that Microsoft should have released instead of Vista. I don’t blame them for releasing Vista, as it forced the hardware manufacturers to create drivers for the Vista/7 driver model (which was 95% of my issues with Vista when it was released).

When I dual boot from Vista to 7 I’m constantly bugged by the general lagginess of Vista in comparison to 7 (which in some cases is more snappy than XP!). Honestly, 7 is making me a Microsoft fan again. Although I still think that their server licenses are too expensive, however Windows Server 2008 Foundation may change that for me.

I highly suggest anyone that’s halfway clueful with computers to test it out by going to their customer preview program!


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