Mac in the closet again

May 19, 2009 | Reading time: 1 minutes

Well that didn’t take long. I just didn’t see me using the Mac for anything but novel recording.

Sure I know it’s an old Mac, and yes it’s a version old OS (Tiger was installed), but it just didn’t run the familiar software that I prefer to use (although Logic wasn’t bad at all). I’m a Linux/Windows guy. I have been for quite some time now (although I know more about the grits of MacOS than most Mac users). I like Linux as a desktop, but it’s still not mature enough–at the very least Multimedia software wise–to use it for anything but programming and standard surfing (although I’ve been known to play games on it quite a bit under Wine–too bad the drivers for my MIDI devices don’t work well).

What I’d like to see is Sony Media Software start supporting Linux in their next versions of Vegas, Sound Forge and perhaps Acid. Those three are fairly inexpensive packages that I really enjoy using, however I think there’d be a better chance for Adobe to release software than Sony would as they’ve already got a cross-platform library pipeline in progress. Either way such support is still years off, and until then I’m quite happy with the Windows 7 release candidate.

The only reason I had a moment of crisis is the lack of good 64 bit DaW drivers for my Radium 61 my M-Audio MIDI controller and a quite a few bugs in SONAR 8 that have been resolved if I had pulled my head out of my butt and read the “readme” files instead of running blindly in. Hopefully after the Wichita Theatre is done with the Wizard of Oz (I’m helping out in the show by being Chorus and warm-body) I’ll start recording again.


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