iPhone Development

July 9, 2009 | Reading time: 1 minutes

Recently I’ve been torn between working on iPhone development or just continuing working in Windows/Web development. I’ve decided against being an iPhone developer for many reason, such as (but not limited to):

Start up costs: the purchase of a Mac and then the $99/year iPhone development fee Market Supersaturation: there are so many other developer moving towards this, that every app that I’ve ever tried to brainstorm has been published (and then lots and lots and lots more!) Objective-C: I’ve done my research on it. It’s not a bad language at all, but I’m a C/C++/C# programmer. Plus it’s (mostly) Mac only, and not-so cross-platform compatible.

I love my iPhone (and iTunes!), and I like my old G4 PowerMac (love it considering its age), but with Windows 7 Microsoft has redeemed itself more than just a little bit (it still needs work, but it’s a point-release–I’m anxious to see what they do in the next version).

I don’t like the limitation that Apple is only supporting Objective-C for almost all of their programming, options are so much more important to me. This is where Linux and Windows really shines… almost every development language is supported…it’s just a matter of which windowing framework you prefer to deal with.

Technology moves far too fast and I’m getting older every day 😀


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