Dark Eldar ‘ard Boyz for 2010

October 7, 2009 | Reading time: 1 minutes

My local gaming group has decided to push forward competitive 40k game play again (it’s been a few years since we’ve had that sort of competition) by starting up a ‘ard Boyz Tournament preparation program. Many of us have rolled randomly so that we may broaden our gaming horizons and step out of our safety zone of what we play.

Dark Eldar is most certainly out of my safety zone. They’re a hard-hitting, but paper-thin fragile army that has the oldest and ugliest models in 40k right now. Needless to say I’m going to be doing ALOT of converting.

The warriors are my biggest problem with the army stylistically. The Raiders and Ravagers are dated, but I really like the idea and the general silhouette of the model so just some modifications and adding of detail should be all that’s necessary. As far as the warriors go I’m thinking about getting Warhammer Dark Elf Corsairs and splicing on the arms of the Dark Eldar on them (perhaps even the hands, as I really like the look of the Corsair’s arm guards too).

Our first level of attack is 1000 points, and the current version of my list only has 25 Warriors, so it should be a pretty easy convert (I’ll probably go ahead and finish all 30 just to have ’em for the 2500 point list).

This actually came at a very convenient time as I’ve been wanting to make a black/green themed army that matches the colors of this site (although this site’s not completely black) I think they’ll do very well for Kabal colors. I’m pretty sure I’ll be whipping out my airbrush for this army too….. there’s a lot of space on those Raiders that need some gradient lovin’

I have yet to decide on a proper Kabal name at this point as I’m pretty clueless as how to approach this since I’ve just rolled for my army tonight.


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