First models have been ordered!

October 7, 2009 | Reading time: 1 minutes

I just placed my order for: 2 Dark Eldar Battleforces 3 Dark Eldar Raiders 3 Dark Eldar Ravagers Dark Eldar Codex 3 Dark Elf Corsair Boxes

This round of orders will give me: 5 Raiders 3 Ravagers 10 Bikes 30 Warriors (with 10 extras of the old style)

I’m going to be converting my own warriors, and probably dynamically redesigning the stern-end of the raider. I’m not too worried about the front of the model, but the more I look at the vane at the end the more it irks me.

Here’s a very crude Photoshop hack job of what I envision my warriors in appearance. This gives nice clean lines that should compliment the bikers and raiders quite nicely and still keep the typical Elven form as they’re Dark Elves.

What I do like about them is the fact that the Corsairs are best known as the piratical Dark Elves in Fantasy, which best describes the role of Dark Eldar in 40k. The cloak is a nice touch too which will give them character when on the 40k field.

I’ll be posting some ideas/sketches I have for Raider conversions later.


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