Ok after discussing and brainstorming

October 8, 2009 | Reading time: 1 minutes

Ok after discussing and brainstorming and showing some of my ideas to my friends, it looks like my Kabal is going for a nautical theme thanks to the corsairs!

Led by the Warhammer Dark Elf pirate Lokhir Fellheart as an Archon
The neat thing is that Tim (in his amazing stream of consciousness, genius mind) gave me the idea of converting the raiders to Sailboat themes….. this is actually both easier and harder than I was originally planning, but I really do like the theme much better.
What’s really cool is that I can’t find someone else (on the Internet at least) that has tried this theme…and actual original theme….YAY.
Wouldn’t some sails (not necessarily white) like this look cool on a raider instead of that ugly vane?
Sure it’ll be an easier target, but it’s nigh impossible to completely hide a raider anyways.
Oh and if someone says….well you can’t move 24″ that thing is powered by sails–no way it can go that fast, I’ll just remind them that this is a game, and they’re playing in a universe of demons, psychic powers and walking mushrooms.
I’ll probably use the Fellheart/Cthulhu reference as the recurring theme on the sails too. I really like what’s going on in my head with that.

A quick altered image mockup:


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