Airbrushing Problems Last Night

December 16, 2009 | Reading time: 1 minutes

I’m doing my darnedest to get my airbrush to push a consistent flow so that I can do the lighting effects that I’m wanting at the front of the hull, but last night just wasn’t very good. I good results for about 5 seconds and then no paint, then lots of watery paint. that just looks like the very sprayed watery–the opposite of light (other than dark 😉 )

I did some data gathering of similar problems, and it all depends on cleanliness of the airbrush needle (which was spotless), and using something other than standard water as your thinner.

I’ll be trying later next week (probably Thursday) using an isopropyl alcholol mix instead of tap water (another thing I’ve read is using distilled water).

I’m using GW Snot Green as my light, which will be highlighted closer to the light source with a thin line Scorpion Green.

Each of the ridges along the bow will be a green light source similar to the rice-burner car effects I see cruising the local drag. The few times it actually worked it looked AWESOME, but trying to get a consistent stream has been quite exasperating…

If this were a small scale model, such as a character I’d just do it by hand, but such a gradient on larger models are (should be) much easier with an airbrush.

Does anyone have any other experience with this particular problem?

I’ve used my airbrush in the past, but then it was for basecoating (my Imperial Guard), not for detailing.


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