Dark Eldar Raider Painting Progress #1

December 20, 2009 | Reading time: 1 minutes

Just a little update…. I finally got my airbrush to push paint out consistently finally! Here’s a quick test of the effect I’m looking for… Snot green mixed with 50% isopropyl alcohol. Once that was applied in a spray along the lines, a thin line of scorpion green was made along the seam to represent a light. Then I painted black along the very edge where the airbrush painted over the edge of the plate.

Here’s the results of the first raider…. #3 was an accidental flash–so it’s a bit brighter than the others–at least the contrast is a bit more visible!

It IS a quick and dirty way to get the effect I was imagining….I’m no painter.

Update 22:57: I have 6 raiders painted to the level you see here now–there’s still LOTS to be done, but they’re taking shape 🙂


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