Painting tests on wrecks

February 9, 2010 | Reading time: 1 minutes

Airbrushing tests on some old, home-made Wave Serpents from 8 years ago (the extended compartment is cardboard, and suprisingly held up well over the last few years).

Techinques Green: Airbrushed Dark Angels Green over Black Primer, Snot Green was then airbrushed on the edges and highlights, Thraka Green Ink was airbrushed over. White: Fenris Gray (Foundation) was airbrushed over black primer. Valejo White was airbrushed (one coat!) over the Fenris Gray.

This is very quick and dirty and just a test  to see how I’d like the highlights and smoothness of an airbrush technique. I’m not going for any sort of detail here. Eventually these wrecks will be in dirt and having smoke coming from them. It’ll look nice on the battlefield, but I’ll only have  two–unless I find a few more old grav tanks (I should still have one or two in storage from a previous paint scheme) 😉

Edit/Addendum: Just in case you’re wondering, the little gray specs on the model are leftover shavings from where used my band-saw on the model to cut it in parts.

Edit/Addendum #2:I thinned out all my paints with about 50% isopropyl alcohol except for the Thraka Green Ink which was sprayed on straight.

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