New bases & objective markers

February 11, 2010 | Reading time: 1 minutes

My new resin bases came in the post today from Australia. Normally I buy from my local gaming store, but he’s had issues getting good scenic bases and in quantity. I purchased 120 of these bases and so far (as you’ll see later) I’m VERY impressed. The total was about 55 plus shipping for all of them. terrible website address, great product

I decided to start testing my average painting and converting skills on some objective markers. I used some my leftover Falcon vanes from my Wave Serpents and Fire Prisms and a little bit left over from an old bits purchase for 7 markers (which should be all I’ll ever need).

First I primered them black and painted the base Foundation Adeptus Battle Grey.

Next I painted the dirt parts Khemri Brown. It’s not a very clean paint job, but dirt isn’t clean.

The next step I forgot to take two photos, but all I did here was dry-brush the stone heavily with Fortress Grey and then used the almighty badass wash Devlin Mud and BAM I have a nicely done base.

Next, I started base coating the white bits with a foundation of Fenris Grey

Next I added a thin layer of fortress grey.

White was then semi-dry-brushed with a thinned out Vallejo Bone White

The green bits were then painted Snot Green

And then washed with Thraka Green wash.

The jewels were then sloppily painted (I was waaaay out of practice) by the standard technique and static grass was applied to parts of the dirt. A standard Biel-Tan icon transfer was added to the centerpiece.

I hope that my poor skills didn’t burn your eyes. 🙂

Edit: Added Link to Back2Base-ix and corrected a few typos.

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