Dire Avengers lot 1 part 1

January 1, 0001 | Reading time: 1 minutes

Today I worked on the painting of 20 Dire Avengers. As per the last post they were primered black and given a nice Royal Blue basecoat.

I then semidrybrushed Enchanted Blue over the armor.

After that a drybrush from top to bottom of Ice Blue. It’s kinda thick, but the wash later tones it down.

The Asurmen Blue wash is thickly coated on the model and left to dry completely.

I then paint the helmet face & Tabbards Snot Green then a thinned wash if Dark Angels Green and then a wash of Thraka Green. Then a highlight if Snot Green again to bring the color back up. I did this so they would fit in with the rest of the army despite being Blue.

After that the slow process of basecoating the helmet in Foundation Adeptus Battle Grey and the Shuriken Catapult black (as well as the ammo on their belts).

I don’t know how much time ( if any) I’ll get to work on them tomorrow, but I’ll post it if/when I do.

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