WARMACHINE: A little programming exercise….

May 7, 2010 | Reading time: 1 minutes

This is a cross-post from my Miniature Wargaming side and my programmer side. Over the last week or so I’ve been stretching my Javascript & CSS muscles and basically made a mini-game loosely based on the WARMACHINE/HORDES mechanic.

There are more limitations than features at this point, and I’m not looking to make this a product so I don’t plan for it to go much further than what’s there now.

I used this little experiment to learn Javascript/DHTML interactions a little more familiarly–plus it helped a bit on my math skills as well.

What works perfectly: Nothing…maybe loading the page 😉

What sort of works: Movement, Targeting, Melee Attacking, Ranged Attacking, displaying info

What doesn’t work and I want it to before I’m done with the exercise: filling in of damage boxes, disable model when damage boxes are filled. Ability to add/edit/remove the default models with custom stats (saving is not an option as I’m not hooking it up with a backend).

What I don’t plan on doing: Boosting, cortex & weapon damage.

This won’t really teach anyone anything but the rolls of WARMACHINE, and there are no “turns”… it’s pretty free-form.

This only works in Firefox, Chrome and Safari as MSIE and Opera don’t support moz-transform and webkit-transform CSS for the image rotation. It does work on the iPhone but due to the touch interface and tiny screen, YMMV. If you get Javascript errors it may be me working on the code.

This was inspired by my WARMACHINE Mathhammer page mention on a previous blog post

The link to the mini game/environment is here

Addendum: This works great on an iPad (I don’t have one , but it’s getting more appealing every day). It’s a little wonky with the movement and rotation due to the touchscreen vs. mouse events, but it’s pretty freakin’ cool.


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