Nerd Rage: Apple’s Antics (again, REALLY!?!)

November 8, 2010 | Reading time: 1 minutes

Apple has decided they don’t care about the Server/Enterprise market whatsoever. They have decided to drop their XServe (rackmount) configuration for Mac Mini and Mac Pro configurations.

They use Sun hardware and operating systems for their new data center instead of “eating your own dog food” XServe and Mac OS Server (so that their line can be improved for their customers).

I’ve just decided to set up permanently Boot Camp on my MacBook Pro for Windows 7 as my primary OS and using MacOS when I decide there’s an app I want to use that’s MacOS only. I’ll deal with the lack of “Teh Snappy” for an operating system that is supported in the Enterprise.

This is really a shame because I love Mac Notebook hardware (and I love MacOS and what it could be if it were more focused), but to be perfectly honest Windows 7 does, indeed rock as a desktop OS (even with all it’s legacy cruft).

Development in Windows is a much easier and streamlined as well (although XCode 4 looks like it’s just as easy and streamlined. It’s unattainable without a developer subscription).

Phooey 😛


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