New WordPress Theme

December 15, 2010 | Reading time: 1 minutes

I apologize in advance for the look of this wordpress theme (Note: It’s not so bad now 😉 ). I’ve decided to set out and create my own theme so that I’m not bothered by updates of others’ themes (namely Suffusion) that I’ve modified pretty heavily. I don’t need much as far as themes go, so I’ve set out on learning some of the WordPress API.

Here’s a screenshot at this point of time…

At this point the look and feel of this site is in limbo. 🙂

Plus there might be some pretty nasty display errors here and there as I create plugins and modules.

Edit: I’ve temporarily switched it back since I’m having some issues with Google FriendConnect rendering in the right place (and comments)

Edit #2: It looks like I’ve got all the functionality that I want right now in Safari and Firefox. Off to work on IE compatibility.

Edit #3: Done for now… here’s where I’m at until I create a new logo….


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