7 Wave Serpents (part 2, very near completion)

June 8, 2012 | Reading time: 1 minutes

Oh the light at the end of the tunnel!

All’s left is decaling, cleanup, clear coating, canopies and canopy painting. I might be done by tonight!

Decaling: I’ll have a Biel-Tan logo next to the cockpit, maybe a swordwind sword on the turret, and probably a Biel-Tan logo on the rear ramp (as Wave Serpents tend to show their backsides before releasing troops and being blown to bits by showing their rear armor).

Cleanup: I have some green and white to paint over from either chipping or misbrushing — you can see in the pics below where the white is on the green on the side vanes and there’s some green on the white on some of the underside.

Clear Coating: I always clear coat with Krylon Satin.

Canopies: There’s only 7 to do, instead of the 6 I had to do for my 3 fire prisms — won’t take long.


Wave Serpent #1 -> #6

Wave Serpent #7

I had painted the shuriken catapults as well as the shuriken cannons while I had them out. I did not have time to paint my alternate weapon choices for the top-end (4 bright lances, 2 scatter lasers from my 1500 point list), but that won’t be too difficult and I might paint them tonight while at Galaxy Comics working on the canopies.

I can’t wait to done. This has made the biggest mess on my dining room table than any of my previous projects. I honestly shouldn’t have done all 7 at one time, however I don’t think I would have painted them as quickly.