2009 MacPro Upgrade Project Inspection

July 7, 2014 | Reading time: 1 minutes

2009 MacPro Upgrade Project Inspection

The MacPro has arrived. My workbench has been set up and I’m ready for any cosmetic repairs that bother me. This post is going to give an overview of the quality and repairability of 2009 MacPro Upgrade Project Inspection. First things first. Let’s open up the box and verify that it boots and everything functions as expected. The packaging was quite cheap, but extremely effective. I’m not going to complain at all (other than I had to pull out some scissors during the de-bubblewrapping). Good stuff. IMG_5656 IMG_5660 IMG_5666 IMG_5676 IMG_5682   The grill damage that was pictured in the auction wasn’t nearly as annoying to me in person as I thought, so for now I’m cool with it. IMG_5711 However I did notice a definite absence of a Optical Drive (it wasn’t included in the features, so it’s more a surprise than an annoyance). IMG_5763   The motherboard looks like it’s in good shape, clean and spotless. The stock video card looks like it’s in great shape too. It doesn’t have 3 of the drive sleds, but that was also expected. I had planned on replacing one with a 2.5″ from Otherworld Computing… that’ll be in a later post. IMG_5721     Time for first boot! Took a few seconds for it to come up (but I’m used to SSD speeds on my MacBook Pro), but it came up. IMG_5732   The Password Hint was genius. IMG_5761 This was brought me a smile to my face…. nicely done (wait, I have the same combination on my luggage!!!). It matters not, as one of the first things I’m replacing and adding is an SSD for the box (see later post) and I’ll run a Time Machine restore on the new drive. All system functioning, just fine.


]12 The only surprise/disappointment was the lack of an Optical Drive… otherwise I’m very happy with it.


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