Miniature Painting after a 2 Year Hiatus

March 30, 2016 | Reading time: 1 minutes

I’ve been too busy working on our new (for us) house (hence the lack of posts too!) and just a couple weeks go I finished my study. What does this mean? I get to start painting minis again! 😀

I’m way out of practice, but these speed paints of some role playing miniatures for my Savage Worlds games are any indication, I’ll be doing well enough when I get around to painting the models I’ll need for Chupacabracon in May. The game will be a custom one-shot of The Last Parsec based (very, as I don’t recall seeing anything other than the trailer) loosely on the movie Deep Rising (1998).

I’ll add more info and post pics of the Last Parsec Minis as I start on them this weekend or early next week.

But for now here’s some work-in-progress pics of my Ral Partha minis:

SW-Mini-SpeedPainting-IMG_1040 SW-Mini-SpeedPainting-IMG_1041 SW-Mini-SpeedPainting-IMG_0357 SW-Mini-SpeedPainting-IMG_0358 SW-Mini-SpeedPainting-IMG_0359 SW-Mini-SpeedPainting-IMG_0360