Victoria 18 Sailing - First Solo Sailing

August 28, 2021 | Reading time: 1 minutes

Today I solo sailed my Victoria 18. This was my 4th time sailing.

  • The first time sailing I was added as a deckhand for a regatta at the local sailing club - which I joined immediately
  • The second time on a sailboat was with my wife making a few rounds around the local lake harbor. See Maiden Voyage
  • I didn’t post about the third time going out of the harbor and a bit on the lake proper with my wife and my son.

Today’s voyages were not time limited (except I got a bit crispy from the sun - sunscreen is essential, folks!), and I was able to fly around the lake for about three hours (prompt for singing the Gilligan’s Island theme).

It was wonderful! Just the water, the boat, and the wind. It was everything I imagined it would be: solace and peace.

I really didn’t use my outboard except for a spot where I missed the dock, which I didn’t include on the heavily cut-down video below.

Lessons Learned:

  • I still need to work on my sheet/line management
  • My wind sense is still off, this should come with time.
  • The rigging of my Victoria 18, while much better than before, still needs to be tuned.
  • My traveller was too loose. I didn’t realize it on the lake, but watching the video, it was pretty dangerous.
  • I need to learn to dock better, although I have to dive in the lake to trailer her (I don’t foresee any way out of that), I don’t feel that it’s necessary when I’m just looking to dock.

I think I’ll take her out again after work this week.