Colon Cancer: My every two weeks ball and chain

June 24, 2022 | Reading time: 1 minutes

Hi everybody, I’m Jeff and I have Stage 3b/c Colon Cancer

Back in the day folks had to wear an electric pump. These days they give out a pressurized ball of poison errrm medicine for we chemonauts.

This is how I get it, all swollen like a scared pufferfish ready to get a dolphin high.


4 hours after chemo

In 24 long hours it shrinks down to a wilting lemon. It took me a couple of weeks to find the best way to sleep with this. What I do is hang a bag from my bed post, drape the feed over my left shoulder (where my port is), and try to to toss-and-turn too much. I haven’t had any pulling issues thanks to the dressing and how I’ve got the feed placed “above me” so that it can rotate as I switch from my left and right sides sleeping.

24 hours of injection

And just before they remove it from my port it looks pretty pathetic…

46 hours of injection

This process is limited by a neat little valve which allows only 5ml/hour to be injected as to not overload my system. Surprisingly, my Doctor hasn’t had to cut-back on my chemo. He tells me from most other patients he has to cut back about halfway through. I suppose I’m stronger than I thought (or more stubborn, more likely).

Again, thanks for reading. This bit of blog is mostly therapy for me. If you get a little insight to what it’s like from these - fantastic!

Off to shower for the first time in 48 hours (thanks port dressing).

XOXO - Jeff