FreeBSD 14-BETA2 Installation on Commodity Hardware (preview and intent)

September 19, 2023 | Reading time: 2 minutes

I was going to install this on a old Dell PowerEdge 2950, but I became frustrated with the boot bios times, and was too lazy to sit fast forward. Not to mention the noise in the room would make the video even more annoying. The setup is the same on both machines except I’m installing on a hard drive on the commondity near-potato computer instead of the Hardware Raid drives of the Dell Server.

I’m going to expect there will be bugs, hiccups, and annoyances - it’s BETA! Adventure inbound!

I intend to have both an article here, and videos (on YouTube and Twtich) - possibly a live stream if I’m feeling well enough ( it’s a chemo week ).

Capturing Streaming and Recording Hardware

  • M1 MacBook Pro
  • An old 4-core “potato” computer which I’ll likely install an old 1050 Nvidia card for at least some video acceleration, as I intend to test X. The specs will be in the next article.
  • Inexpensive HDMI to USB2 Video Capture
  • Inexpensive VGA to HDMI Adapter.
  • Microsoft Natural Keyboard for entry
  • Amazon Basics Mouse for mousing around
  • Air Pod for voice recording
  • The built-in webcam in the M1 MBP or a Logitech Webcam. Since the MBP has only 2 USB ports it’ll likely be the built in web-cam.

Software used

Tomorrow Night's Goals

  1. Install FreeBSD Beta on Commodity x64 hardware.

    • Including add wheel & video user with passwords/li>
    • Include /usr/src and /usr/ports in installation
  2. Verity FreeBSD Version

  3. Verify openssl version (hoping better for a patch of 1.1 for auditors)

  4. Install my basic packages if possible. This is found here: My Standard, Quality of Life, Minimal FreeBSD Desktop Install Script

  5. If all goes well install a basic nGinx php server then stress test via wrk

  6. Bonus points to install a MySQL server, node js, and a copy of to run and benchmark.

Desktop Integration

  1. Install KDE (
  2. Install kdenlive, firefox, and nextcloudclient (doas pkg install kdenlive firefox and nextcloudclient)
  3. Verify desktop functions
    • Playing music
    • Web access - YouTube quality<
    • Install Rust (
    • Test compile.