Targeting Linux Again

January 22, 2024 | Reading time: 1 minutes

Today is a sad day. Today is my last attempt to have FreeBSD as a desktop for the foreseeable future.

A simple pkg update shouldn’t cause kernel panics when starting KDE (I have an idea WHAT is the cause, but it shouldn’t cause a panic/reboot). I honestly don’t have the time between my work and my health to dive into the kernel debugger and report this issue - although I might, because I’m Lawful Good these days. If I find time to figure out the issue, I’ll post here and submit a bug to the FreeBSD folks.

Between that and the general sound issues I’m having on the desktop, I just don’t have the time to fight a Desktop OS when I expect it to just work safely and efficiently.

I’m a big fan of congruence on my desktop and servers, so I’ll be moving to and targeting Linux once again. I’m happily running an Ubuntu desktop again right now, and soon to try Fedora to see how it has improved.

Update Jan 26 - it looks like I’ve settled on Ubuntu Desktop as most of my servers are Ubuntu Server (LXD is amazing!). It seems to be everything I need: stable and efficient.


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