Early June Cancer Update

June 5, 2024 | Reading time: 1 minutes

We’re still in a holding pattern as we wait for the now late altered t-cell treatment.

How I Feel

My condition seems to be worsening as the pain in my abdomen increases seemingly daily. My fatigue still is a factor, but I’m learning how to manage it better. I’ve been able to mow the lawn, take care of household chores, and other menial tasks with many more breaks than even just a few months ago.

I have to rest 1-2 hours after work every day, which counts me awake at home for only a couple of hours before I’ve got to go back to bed. I can’t imagine what we’d have to do if I didn’t have a while-collar desk job.

I still count myself fortunate for “looking good” considering what I’m going through, and that I’ve still got my chin up and a “stiff upper lip.” I attest this to my faith, beliefs, and plain cold logic.

What’s To Come

Today Kim and I had a video call with my (new to us) radiotherapy doctor in Houston. He explained that I’ll be subjected to two low-dose radiation treatment to improve the chances of success. This treatment will occur just before and just after the transfusion. He explained that the radiation will both “poke holes” in the shell of the tumors so the new antibodies can invade the tumors quicker, and to excite the antibodies into a fervor.

We still don’t have an exact date of when this is starting, but we’re placing our bets on June 24th. I’m excited and anxious at the same time.

Once the date is confirmed (I’m expecting an answer any day and any hour now!), I’ll post here and do my best to log and share as I have been on this site.