Quick and Dirty Farseer (Part 1)

April 9, 2010 | Reading time: 1 minutes

There’s nothing special about this model (other than the paint has probably been stripped 3 or 4 times), he’s just a stock Farseer with a Singing Spear.

Ok this is about 15 minutes from priming to the last inking for this part..

I didn’t get done ( I was planning on it!) because it was late.

One thing I learned was I shouldn’t have basecoated the robe Dark Angels Green at this point while working on the white.

At this point I’m halfway done basecoating.

I’ll have more on this fella this weekend.

Edit: In my rush it looks like I missed two pretty important gold areas: the center eye in the triangle on the helmet and the base of the spear… easy fixes at such an early stage. At this point the white is still very dirty.