Ok I’m being drawn to Ruby (over Python)…

June 23, 2010 | Reading time: 1 minutes

Lately I’ve been dabbling (and enjoying!) Python, but as of this weekend I’m being drawn to Ruby mainly because of several reasons (over Python):

  • The ability to easily set up and run a full blown MVC web application on Apache
  • I like the MySQL database interface better (I just finished a test and it was much more elegant than having to define a cursor, etc).
  • The ability to command line script is about the same, but I’d rather marry myself to as little programming languages as I can this late in life.
  • When I do return to the Mac platform Cocoa for Ruby has been praised
  • I’ll be eventually migrating my current Python projects to Ruby to see how much different or harder or easier it is to read and maintain the code.
  • My biggest beef with Python is having to define the functions before the code is run (I like to have my user functions at the bottom of the script and the logic at the top). Update: It seems as if Ruby has this limitation too….. 🙁 So it appears that I’ll just have to work on my coping skills.
  • If Python had a module similar to Passenger (for Apache module for Ruby) I wouldn’t be so quick to look at Ruby as I really like the language.


It seems that Passenger supports Python web development as well! *rubs chin* verrry interesting…


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