Completion of Eldar Core Warhost for WARGamesCon

June 18, 2012 | Reading time: 1 minutes

Right now all I have left to do is paint the green on the canopies of my 3 Fire Prisms — no more than 30 minutes of work tonight. So I’m counting this as done.

However I started thinking on it and I’ve decided I wanted to paint up an Autarch for the help of reserve rolls. I can’t justify having 6 bare Fire Prisms on the table on an Apocolypse sized game. I’d not be able to use the full “OMG It does WHAT?” 6 combined beam of the SunStorm. If opponents see those 6 tanks hiding the the background, they’ll be primary targets.

Base model count

Remember, I don’t count upgrades other than WYSIWYG weapons (no vehicle upgrades)…except for Mind War on FarSeer as they have to take a required power when I count how much I have. I could push this to 4500 points with wargear & vehicle upgrades quite easily and without wasting points. This count is assuming I finish a 96 point Autarch tonight (Banshee Mask, Power Weapon, Fusion Gun – if that’s the options I use).

Total Points: 4116

Total Models: 114


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