Colon Cancer: COVID Delays Final Chemo

August 8, 2022 | Reading time: 1 minutes

Hi everybody, I’m Jeff and I have Stage 3b/c Colon Cancer.

After years of being extremely careful, COVID finally got me. It wasn’t quite severe, certainly not as bad as the chemotherapy side effects. My highest temperature was 101F (38.3C) and that lasted only a day and a half. The fatigue on top of the already nasty fatigue I was experiencing was a little rough but I survived.

However, because of this my chemotherapy sessions were delayed by two weeks. This makes my final session on August 31 (from August 17, and originally from my birthday from the C-diff delay early on).

The fatigue is still quite prevalent these last few weeks. I really miss my bike and my boat.

Here’s my current chart mentioned in an earlier post:

Silly BattleTech-like cancer progress chart - two more sessions!

Two more sessions! The legs will be gone next week, and I’m ready to ring that bell!