BattleTech: Beta Cuts of Hex Terrain Board Modules!

June 10, 2011 | Reading time: 1 minutes

Ok I was really hoping to cut 3 at a time, and in the process of trying this.. I got 2 bad hexes (too small), and one “good” one.

Once I cut the other 3 one at a time, I must say I’m pretty impressed considering I was cutting by eye-balling it with my posterboard template just laying on top of each one.

The pink ones are the final material… the “good” one was the first (and worst) cut.

The one that reads “good” was the the first cut where I tried 3 at a time with disastrous results.

The seams on the latest 3 are pretty close considering I’m not a machine.

All this is for naught until I paint/draw the hexes on and see how they line up! Although I’m pretty sure that if I get my template lined up it’ll all be awesome!

Once I get the base modules up and going I’ll be building “UP” on them for level 2 and 3 terrain…. and cutting into them for some water hexes too.

Just a note–I am NOT aiming for realism, I’m aiming for nicely painted raised hexes. If I were to do realistic terrain, I’d be shooting for the hexless rules that was released. I personally prefer the hexes as there’s no disputing line of sight, etc.

More to come. I’m hoping to have a painted base board module or two completed by next weekend.



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