BattleTech: Custom Hex Template

July 18, 2011 | Reading time: 1 minutes

Whew this one one of the most physically grueling mini-projects I’ve done. I actually (somehow) blistered the top of my index finger from the pressure I was exerting to cut through the plastic. Each of the cut-outs was painstakingly hand-cut with an ever-dulling razor blade templated by a small 1/8″ square wooden dowel.

The working side of the cutting table.
The back side of the working media.

The results are pretty good. I only took about a minute to draw in the hexes and then another to draw a line between them on the text hex below… so don’t judge this as a final test.

A quick-as-can-be test of the new template…. not bad for quick.

This was the FINAL NAIL I needed to actually finish working on my terrain… theoretically it’s now all downhill from here.

I have a feeling that this will work JUST FINE for my 3d hexes.


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