BattleTech: 3d Terrain Progress (painting started)

June 22, 2011 | Reading time: 1 minutes

I’ve started painting on my terrain. I’ve decided to go for a sand theme for the first “board”.

Sandy painted terrain, showing water depression

I’m only doing a 7 hex-module board (remember my modules will be 7 hexes wide face to face) so this board will be 21 hexes across from top to bottom. In my currently center hex-module I’ve got a depressed area for an oasis of water in the desert.


Sandy painted terrain, showing water depression close up (blurry)

This depression is cut into the hex-module and there’s poster board on the bottom of it for painting (it blue) and drawing the hexes beneath it.


Hills placed on for show.

Above I’ve placed some of my work in progress hills for scale and example.


My extras, of which I may make 3 more sand terrain modules


Out of the first big 4’x8′ sheet I still have 6 more hex-modules plus some nicely sized scrap for hills. I’ll probably end up using 3 of the above for more desert terrain immediately and the remainder 3 for whichever terrain I do next.

Cheers and until next time 🙂


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