BattleTech: Size 2 table Work in Progress #2

July 22, 2011 | Reading time: 1 minutes

Ok I’m done for the night…. it’s late for me and I got tired waiting for paint to dry.

Here’s what was done in the 2.5 hours of “work” tonight (although an hour of it was waiting):

I got 1 Hex Module completed with the hex lining so you can see how easy it really is…

First I lay my plastic Hex template over the new Hex Module and use a Sharpie to make lines as per the template.

Then I pull off the Template…..

Draw vertical lines along one vector of Hex Sides…. (from left to right since I’m right handed)….

Rotate it, draw in the lines for the second vector (remember this is very easy and quick, they’re usually only half and inch apart)!

Then the final vector (and clean up the ones I missed–I always miss a couple 😉 )

More to come this weekend.


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