BattleTech: “Finished” Table

July 20, 2011 | Reading time: 1 minutes

It’s DONE!!

At least 7 hexes are done, I actually plan on making 3 more full hexes and 4 halves (to make more of a rectangle on the table).

It’s really amazing how quickly everything gets assembled and painted once one stopgap has passed (which was the template).

This table is REALLY Inexpensive:

Here’s a cost breakdown of materials:

  • 5 bottles of Apple Barrel Quality Paints ($5.50)
  • 1 8’x4’x1″ sheet of Foam Sheet ($13.00 – and I’ve still got enough to finish the rest of the hexes mentioned above)
  • Some Gorilla Glue ($4, already had some on hand)
  • Paperclips (for pinning the mountains): $1

Total Material Costs: $23.50

Now I DID pay a good hunk of change for a nice set of Hot Wire Foam Factory tools (about $130-150 if I recall), but I count that as TOOL costs not cost of the table itself.

Without further adieu…


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